A Head of Standard Product Quality

A head of standard product quality-Busung co.,LTD

The leading manufacturer in global refrigerator industry.

We sincerely wish your success & prosperityWe have continued to grow challenging toward the technical development and improvement of quality since the establishment in 1984.

Now world economic situation is getting worse as like the war without sound& a trade barrier and in the phase of the W.T.O company makes an effort to be the best in the world to strengthen the product competitiveness and business rationalization against the inside and outside of the country.

Busung has been preparing for the upcoming economic risks through the streamlining the management & reduction of product cost & quality streamlining the management & reduction of product cost & quality control in order to survive in the global market. Also Busing is trying to make manufacturing line modernized for superior best product and invest the education of employees for field specialist.

Now Busung is not satisfying with persent status but has obtained ISO9001 for better product control and step up management of business until now. Although Busung in the IMF situation. It has expanded to cooperate technical business relationship with foreign companies so Busung has reached to make the best product in the world. As like above Busung makes a slogan as "a head of standard product quality" to promote new technology in our refrigerating field and doing our best to be the world leader without stopping.

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